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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Are you ready for your First Dance? Here are the 5 most Frequently Asked Questions regarding your First Dance…

1. Is it too late to start?

It’s never too late to start! Even if it’s Monday and your wedding is on Saturday, we can get you and your honey feeling comfortable with dancing with each other. You won’t be doing any stunts off the chandeliers, but you’ll be 100% better off than not starting at all. Remember the infamous “high school” where you awkwardly hold each other and sway back and forth for 5 minutes?!? Yeah, that’s not happening on our watch!

2. Should we wait till the Wedding date is closer? The longer you wait…the less time you have to practice! Whether you continue lessons up till the Wedding or not, you’re doing your First Dance a disservice by not giving yourselves the possibility of more practice time. If you’re reading this, it’s time to start!

3. Do we have to have our song picked out? Nope! It does help, sure, but not necessary. We can teach you to DANCE, together, as a couple. Once you choose your song, we will show you which dance specifically goes with it, but you’ll be miles ahead of the game because you’ll already know how to dance, together, as a couple.

4. What if we’ve never danced before? We know that no previous dance experience also means no bad habits! We get a blank slate to work with and can mold the two of you into the First Dance of your dreams. We’ve never met anyone we haven’t been able to teach.

5. How many lessons will it take? This is my favorite question, because there is no right answer that we can give. Two things need to happen first: 1. We need to know what “kind” of dance you want. 2. We need to teach you a lesson. After these two things we can make a recommendation. Everything we do is personalized to the couple in front of us. No cookie cutter First Dances here! If you want a dance where you’re swinging from the chandeliers and includes costume changes, well that will take a little longer than a more traditional approach. We create the dance that fits what your vision is, in the amount of time you give us to do it, and we can guarantee that you’ll feel comfortable on your Wedding Day.

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