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I can’t say enough about the amazing time I am having learning ballroom! Lance and Jacob have both been my private instructors and I have a blast every time I go in. Trust me when I tell you if you want to learn fast, pay for the private lessons. – C.B.

The staff is super friendly. You can forget all your daily concerns and have fun here. It has one large one small saloon.

the packages based on number of private classes that you take and group classes and practice parties are free in it. So go as many group classes as you can. I like to go special-themed dance parties because all students come and enjoy it.

Jacob is amazing, creative and fun! I like to dance with Lance at latin dances and Steven at ballroom dances too.

Parking on street if possible. Parking is validated at the building so park floor H. the fee increases at every 20 min.

I wish the dance lessons will be longer. You actually forget the track of time 🙂 – Y.O.

We LOVE Arthur Murray Dance Studio!

My husband and I signed up for a dance package back before we got married. This was a couple of years ago. Well, between then and our wedding day, my husband went on deployment. They did such a wonderful job teaching us the dance steps, we were actually able to use what we learned at our wedding. Even if we didn’t choreograph it, we still knew how to rumba because of the lessons they taught us.

Just last night, Valentines Day 2012, we decided to finish up our package and use our one last private lesson.

That’s what is great about signing up for a private lesson! They have group classes, too! Yesterday’s was perfect because it was a rumba group lesson and we followed it up with a rumba private lesson.

Lance taught both the group and private lesson. He was AMAZING!!! It’s great watching other people who know how to do the dances (our group lesson was small and intimate but filled with different levels of dancers) and it gave us someone else to watch instead of ourselves. It was easier to follow and mimic the other women so I could get the foot work right. Same for my husband (though he sorta has two left feet and very little rhythm) who was able to follow the instructor and dance with other partners to get a better feel for the moves.

We were invited to purchase another intro package which we might have considered but unfortunately we are leaving the island in a month.

I recommend Arthur Murray if you are the type of person who benefits from watching others. It really helped us to see what we were working towards rather than just doing our basic box step. Plus they have group lessons every day! This is great if you buy a package for private lessons because not only can you learn your one type of dance but you can also learn every variety they teach. – J.A.

Worth every penny. Not only is this fun and social exercise, but you learn how to do something new. In addition to the private lessons and group classes mentioned in some of the other reviews, the studio organizes a number of dance outings and events to improve skills in a more public setting. The staff are ridiculously fun and creative! – M.S.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Personalized Instruction
  • Family Atmosphere
  • We Own Our Studio
  • Part of the Greater Arthur Murray Family
  • We Teach All Ages
  • In Business for 105 Years